A simple migraine runs in three stages says so Dr. Denis Slinkin. Regularly a few hours or even ages ere the onset of the pain phase worsens performance and mood, there are precursor symptoms: pallor, indifference, drowsiness, yawning, nausea.

In so-called “visual” migraine shortly before the attack there are flashes, glimpses, zigzag stripes. Then there is an acute headache, which lasts from several to 15-20 hours. Usually during the attack a person does not tolerate bright light, loud sounds, loss of appetite, nausea increases, sometimes until vomiting, blushing face, chest pain, chills. And finally, after the attack comes the third stage a long sleep.

Dr. Denis Slinkin also notes other clinical manifestations of migraine, such as motor disorders in the extremities. And if the right half of the head hurts, the disorders occur in the left leg or arm, and vice versa.It is believed that in the first stage from migraine the blood vessels of the head narrow and because of this the blood flow decreases.

Dr. Denis Slinkin

Then, in the pain phase, the carotid artery expands. Psychophysiological traits correlated with migraines include increased excitability and excited lability, resentfulness, ambition, intolerance for the mistakes of others, love of excellence, initiative, ambition.

Dr. Denis Slinkin claims this disease affects people strong, strong-willed, active. Migraine often coexists with hysteria, epilepsy and allergies. Migraine sufferers are usually stubborn, self-centered, easily irritated, internally tense. However, they are conscientious, even prone to meticulousness and excessive detail. Often they have unreasonable anxiety, dissatisfaction, disappointment.