“You will get a clear idea of ​​this disease if you imagine an ordinary https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/omepradex and rubber pipe, which from long use has lost its elasticity, contractility and strength, has become harder and more brittle. Arteries become so due to the fact that their walls become fatty or calcareous over time. A good enough voltage is enough for such a vessel to burst. Since the vessels constitute an extension of the heart, the heart itself is usually found reborn. Food for such a disease is poor. The heart itself eats poorly, and therefore the nerve nodes sitting in it hurt ”

Anton Pavlovich described the processes of atherosclerosis that lead to angina pectoris in an accessible, concise and artistic manner. I will only clarify one point. Poor nutrition of the heart means that less oxygen is supplied through the vessels constricted from atherosclerosis. This is especially pronounced in conditions of increased demand for oxygen in the heart muscle (physical activity or stress). The more the vessel is clogged with atherosclerotic plaques, the more pronounced are the symptoms of angina pectoris up to the development of myocardial infarction with complete blockage of the vessel.

Here it is clearly shown how a healthy vessel looks and is affected by atherosclerosis.