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Migraines and Celiac Disease

Although my main focus has been on the role that hormones play in migraine headaches, there is one other verifiable cause of migraines - celiac disease.� Of course, the celiac disease is the instigator but the fiinal pathway to getting migraines is still from a hormone deficiency.

What is celiac disease?��A defect in the immune system starts attacking glutens and the result is something that resembles those pictures of starving children in famine affected Africa.� Gluten is a peptide found in wheat products.

Essentially, the lining of your intestine becomes a war zone as the immune system attacks the glutens with resulting collatoral damage to the villi, tiny finger-like projections along with the intestinal cells that have absorbed the glutens.�

Once the villi are killed off from collateral damage, then the body can no longer absorb foods properly.� This is what is called a malabsorption syndrome.� At that point, the body goes into starvation mode and everything begins to break down.

The result is body wide deterioration and destruction.� Look at pictures of prisoners of POW (prisoner of war)�camps from WWII and it is not difficult to understand how your hormones can be affected.� With starving hormones, among many other problems, you can get migraines.

How common is celiac disease?� At one time, doctors thought it was quite rare.� Recent data from the Archives of Internal Medicine show that it affects 1 in 133 Americans or about 3 million Americans.� Now project this statistic worldwide.� With 6 billion people we are talking about 40 million people.

So how do you know if you have celiac disease?� First there are the symptoms: abdominal cramps, diarrhea, bloatiang and weight loss.��Then there is a blood test for the antibody to gluten.� Finally, the gold standard is a biopsy from small bowel biopsy for confirmation.

Let me say that the vast majority of people with abdominal bloating, diarrhea and�cramps have a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (like 97%).� This is caused by the presence of yeast or an imbalance of bad bacteria in the intestines.� This is not celiac disease and treated very differently.

If you are one of the 1 in 133 people with celiac disease, you have to change your diet to completely eliminate glutens.� Glutens are found in most wheat products.� This is the major step.� If you have migraines, you still have to take hormones that we recommend because the celiac disease caused a hormone deficiency, which leads to migraines.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas

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