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Synthetic Hormones Cause Migraine Headaches AND Cause Cancer, Too

There is a big secret in the mainstream medical world that they are hiding from the rest of the population: Synthetic hormones cause migraine headaches AND synthetic hormones cause some cancers.

What do I mean by “synthetic hormones“?� You are more familiar with term birth control pills and HRT.� In fact, ALL birth control pills and ALL prescription hormone replacement therapy drugs are�chemically altered, synthetic hormones.�

�None of them are natural hormones.� None resemble the actual chemical structure that your real hormones look like.� They are all foreign to the body and all of them are poisons.

We now know that they can cause a migraine headache and contribute or outright cause various gynecologic cancers including breast cancer and�uterine cancer.� For years, doctors were told that birth control pills lowered the incidence of ovarian cancer.� But the latest results from sythetic HRT studies showed that ovarian cancer is worsened by the same components found in birth control pills.� What’s even worse is that birth control pills contain about four times the poisons in them than are found in HRT prescriptions.

As patients seek their migraine treatment and discover that their past exposure to birth control pills contributed or outright caused their migraine pain, they are understandably upset.

Do NOT confuse synthetic hormones with natural or bio-identical hormones.� Natural hormones are EXACTLY like your own hormones that are supposed to be circulating in your body as you read this.� Natural or bio-identical hormones supplementation cannot harm you in any way and have predictable dose related effects.

Here is another way to look at bio-identical hormones:��would Mother Nature create a substance in your own body that was harmful to you and could cause cancer?� Our hormones are at peak production at age 25 or so.� If natural hormones caused cancers why don’t we see raging cancers amongst our 25 year olds?�

We don’t.� Because natural hormones are protective to the body.� It is only when we start messing with them in the laboratory by putting artificial chemical groups on them that they become foreign to the body and start causing problems.

We use bio-identical hormones to treat and cure your migraine symptoms.� But first you have to stop taking the offending drugs whether they are birth control pills or synthetic HRT.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas

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