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Katie Holmes, Post-Partum Depression and Hormones

What do Katie Holmes, post-partum depression and hormones have in common?  Answer: All three are fundamentally based on hormones.

Why am I mentioning this in a column based on migraine headaches?  Because migraines are also hormone dependent.  Migraine headaches and post-partum depression and, for that matter, PMS, are all variations on the same theme.

The April 23rd issue of OK magazine featured a story on Katie Holmes, wife of Tom Cruise, and her difficulties of dealing with post-partum depression since the birth of their child, Suri.  The focus of the article was on the Church of Scientology angle whereby she was ostensibly forbidden to access to prescription drugs to treat her post-partum depression.

Although writing about “religious oppression” may sell magazines, the really sad part is that post-partum is extremely easy to treat and cure - usually within days.  Unfortunately, mainstream medicine has completely missed the boat on how to treat it.  Virtually all doctors prescribe anti-depressant medications, which almost always never work.

Anti-depressants rarely are effective for “regular” depression, much less post-partum depression.  If only doctors knew what was the cause of post-partum depression would they know what to do. The reluctance of mainstream medicine to accept natural treatment options continue to slow progress on what is a completely curable problem. 

I will be writing a new book on the subject of post-partum depression within the next two months and hope to have it released in the Fall of 2007.

The abridged version of my new book is that hormones, or more accurately, the lack of hormones, are the culprit behind post-partum depression.  Ditto goes for migraine headaches and for PMS.

The key is to supplement the appropriate deficient hormones and presto! - you have a new woman.  Migraines go away as does post-partum depression.  Keep in mind that both of these entities utilize differing hormones to some degree, but the theme is still the same.

Replace the deficient hormones and migraine headaches and/or post-partum depression go away  completely.  Simple and makes a lot of sense.  Women intuitively know this.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas



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