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Does Botox Help Migraine Headaches?

Practically everyone by now knows what Botox is.  It is a paralyzing agent derived from a bacteria that produces botulism (botulinum toxin) that renders its victims without the ability to use its muscles.

Botox has been popularized by the aesthetics industry to help rid facial wrinkles.  It is also used in pain managment for painful spastic muscles.

In the last couple of years a number of doctors have been promoting Botox as a tool to help diminish migraines by injecting into facial, neck or scalp muscles to paralyze a muscle tension “trigger” for migraine headaches.

Anecdotal claims of significant relief abounds in the lay press for using Botox in this regard. 

I have no trouble with anyone getting better from any source.  If it helps, great.  The problem with this technique is that it simply addresses one of many potential triggers for migraines.  It does not address the underlying problem involved with migraine headaches.

The concept of “triggers” itself is controversial.  Nevertheless, an entire herbal industry is geared toward attacking various triggers for migraines.  Almost all of these are dubious with minimal degrees of success.

At the Women’s Health Institute of Texas, we prefer to go after the core problem that cause migraine headaches.  That core is an imbalance of hormones, specifically, sex hormones.

Identifying these hormones and replenishing them with bio-identical hormones in the proper balances are the keys to restoring health, and have met with great success in actually eliminating migraines.  Not only do we end up improving migraine headaches, we also end up improving other conditions like PMS and depression.

I am a great fan of Botox.  But your resources would be best served to use it for getting rid of facial wrinkles in aesthetic procedures.

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas


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