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Age Affects Synthetic Hormone Risks

According to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the heart risks of traditional, synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may depend on a woman’s age.  The study found that the risks of heart heart attacks, strokes and breast cancers all went up as a woman gets older.

Actually, the authors simply reviewed the data from the infamous Women’s Health Initiative study that was prematurely terminated in 2003 because of the dangersous side effects from the PremPro combination.  The already published side effects of increased heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer was analyzed based on women’s ages.

Not surprisingly, the review found that all categories of risk went up with age.  Duhhh!

That this information made headlines recently should  confound no one.  The scary part is that birth control pills (BCP’s) contain about four times the dose of the same synthetic, chemicaly altered hormones that have been blamed for causing heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer in older women.

What traditional medicine is not telling younger women is that they are being exposed to high dosages of synthetic chemical hormones that is killing their elders.  The only thing that is protecting the younger women on BCP’s is simply their age. 

Youth has its advantages.  But why expose younger women to the same deadly chemicals? 

A medically sound solution to this has been explained in the website: www.DitchThePill.org describing the “Match the Pill” strategy.

The dangers of BCP’s has also been described in my website, Migraine-Headaches-Information.com .   Birth control pills are one of the biggest causes of migraine headaches in women worldwide.


Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas



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