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Madness with New Birth Control Pill

It is no secret that big drug companies advertise heavily in women’s magazines.  My wife recently found an advertisement in an unnamed magazine featuring the new Pill, YAZ.

 What is simply amazing is that this new Pill is touting itself as the answer to PMDD, which is the new politically correct term that everyone else calls PMS.  PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

What the public and apparently the drug companies do not know is that birth control pills (BCP’s) are the single largest cause of PMS.  Berlex, the drug company that makes YAZ, has introduced their brand of the PIll as a new treatment for PMS. 

Here is the tag line to their ad: “YAZ is the only birth control pill proven to treat the emotional and physical symptoms of PMDD, for women who choose the Pill for contraception.”  

This is a paradox.  How can a BCP be touted as a treatment for a condition (PMS) that is largely caused by BCP’s?

How Berlex is expecting to get away with this, I don’t know.  As the chief medical advisor to the non-profit group, DitchThePill.org, which can be found at www.DitchThePill.org , I have broken down the components of the Pill into its major classifications: a synthetic, chemically altered estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and a similarly altered progestin (drospirenone).

Drospirenone is actually a chemically altered version of a diuretic medication called spirinolactone.  So it has less androgenic qualities as the typical progestin that are found in most brands of BCP’s.  But it is a foreign chemical to the body and is by definition, toxic with poisonous results.  Go to www.DitchThePill.org for an excellent article on this class of BCP’s and click on the “third generation” navigation button.

Taken together, both the synthetic and progestin components found in YAZ are still just as riddled with side effects as any of the other BCP’s.  The only recourse might be that this particular brand might cause a lesser incidence of PMS than the standard Pill.  But ALL birth control pills cause PMS. (And migraine headaches, blood clots, lung clots, strokes, depression, heart attacks, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, high blood pressure, ovarian cysts, uterine cancer and the list goes on …)

The Pill is the #1 cause of PMS on the planet.  Trying to take a BCP to treat a condition that was caused by another BCP is pure madness.

At the Women’s Health Institute of Texas, I have become nationally acclaimed in the treatment of migraine headaches by using natural or bio-identical hormones in conjunction with other supplements.  PMS, along with migraine headaches, are two of the most common side effects caused by BCP’s. 

The first remedy we recommend is to get off the Pill immediately.  Unfortunately, for most women, the damage done is permanent, particularly for conditions like migraine headaches and PMS. This is where we come in and actually CURE the underlying condition.

There is hope amidst a sea of madness created by the big drug companies.

Andrew Jones, M.D., Medical Director

Women’s Health Institute of Texas



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