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Prescription Pills Linked to Breast Cancer

Breaking news just published in morning newspapers around the US have proven again what I have been saying for several years. 

 Prescription pills containing synthetic, counterfeit hormones appear to be linked to breast cancer.  This stems from the “Provera” and “PremPro” prescriptions that were so popular as traditional hormone replacement therapy. 

NOTE:  this is VERY different from natural hormones or bio-identical hormones.

PremPro was one of the synthetic hormones studied several years ago in the blockbuster Women’s Health Initiative trials that studied the relationship of these prescriptions and various diseases in women.  Once the data was looked at, the trial was busted open and stopped because of the statistics showing women developing numerous health problems while taking these pills.

 What was disclosed today was that since the WHI study was released in 2003, millions of women stopped taking PremPro (and Premarin).  Researchers noticed a dramatic decline in the incidence of breast cancer in the following year. 

The drop in breast cancer was an astounding 7%.  Note that for the previous 50 years, that the incidence of breast cancer kept increasing and never recorded even one decrease.

 What this proves is that mainstream medicine has (in good faith) been poisoning women for decades and never knew it.

I also want to point out that migraine headaches have also been increasing in the same numbers for women, just as breast cancer has been.

The same or similar synthetic chemicals in PremPro and Provera are found in birth control pills.  Migraine headaches are in large part, caused by these chemicals, found in birth control pills, not just PremPro and Provera.

I predict that similar admissions by mainstream medical researchers will be forthcoming on the relationship between these pills and migraine headaches - possibly as early as 2007.

 Andrew Jones, M.D

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas


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