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A Better Method For Migraine Relief

There is another option to relieve migraine pain – a migraine cure.  Cure the migraine and never worry about migraine-associated vertigo again.

Recent reports indicate migraine headaches can indeed be totally abolished – as a number of elite medical clinics catering to women have testified.  Under their treatment protocols, migraines are completely eliminated in 80% of their patients.

These successes are limited to women only, as addressing a woman’s hormones is the basis of the cure.  Some clinics have published their treatment protocols and even made them available to the public.

The Women’s Health Institute of Texas believes that a migraine cure certainly eliminates the migraine nausea altogether - and concern over the ensuing migraine headache may no longer be necessary – at least in women.

About the Author:  Dr. Andrew P. Jones, M.D. is the Medical Director for the Women’s Health Institute of Texas.  He is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and by the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy.

His medical experience primarily revolves around the relationship of women’s health issues and bio-identical hormone management of PMS, menopause and migraine headaches.

Find out more about Dr. Jones and the cure for migraine headaches at: https://migraine-headaches-information.com

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