migraine headache symptoms and cures

Denis Slinkin

If you’re a women suffering from the awful agony of migraine headache pain, there’s something you should know …


Everything You’ve Been Told So Far Is Wrong!


“There IS A CURE For Your Migraines”


And It Can Be Yours - Right Now


Don’t believe me?  Then stop whatever you’re doing and read this website.


It’ll be the best 10 minutes you ever invested in your health.



Dear Migraine Sufferer,


If you’re one of the millions of women who currently endure the terrible pain of migraine headaches – the information you’re about to read will be a godsend.


Let’s not beat around the bush: Migraine headaches are simply dreadful. A white hot ice pick of pain thrusting into your brain – over and over again. A pulsing, pounding, throbbing torture – sucking the very fiber of your being dry. Then the nausea kicks in … with you throwing up – until there’s nothing left to rid. Leaving you virtually entombed in your room - a curled up ball of misery.



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Avoiding light, avoiding sound, avoiding movement – even avoiding your own husband and children.


If you’re like most other sufferers, you’ve probably taken every route imaginable trying to find a cure – and come up short again and again. Physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists … if you can name it, you’ve tried it.


At the end of your rope and patience, you visit yet another medical specialist – only to be told there isn’t any permanent solution. Just pills to diminish the pain. Maybe they’ll work – maybe not.


It’s always a guess - whether you’ve taken these migraine medications just at the right time, in the right manner – and even if you have them on hand when you need them most. Forty, fifty, sixty bucks a pop – sometimes even more – for a stop-gap quick fix that may or may not do the job.


Face It: This Is No Way To Live!


Always wondering when the “next one” will hit. You know it always does – even if you hope beyond hope the last migraine headache you had was the final one. They keep coming back. Again and again.


Constantly ruining any plans you have. Vacation, your job, family – everything takes second place to your illness.



Migraines Literally Turn Your Life Upside Down …

 And Inside Out


Once it hits – you’re sunk. Hours, days .. even weeks in some cases. For the duration – you’re simply a pain-filled basket case.


But you know something? It doesn’t have to be this way – not any more.



Kiss Your Migraine Headaches Goodbye

Once And For All


There is a CURE – one your doctors probably never heard of. And even if they did – they’ve dismissed it out of hand. This isn’t some charlatan’s snake oil treatment or a yam and herb remedy better suited for the kitchen table than your infirmity.


It’s a solid, sound, proven medical method – a scientifically tested approach.  A line of attack that addresses the root causes of migraines - eliminating those debilitating headaches from your life forever.


No more doctor’s visits. No more expensive prescription drugs. No more shattered hopes.


Interested? Then let me tell you the whole story ….



Forget Everything You Think You Know About Migraines

It’s Probably Wrong


My name is Dr. Andrew Jones, M.D., Medical Director of The Women's Health Institute of Texas.  Board certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy, I‘ve been privileged to spread the word about this remarkable and lasting cure.


Perhaps you’re even one of the millions of listeners who’ve caught one of my nationally acclaimed radio & TV interviews across the country.


  • ABC Radio Network, nationally syndicated to over 190 stations
  • CNN National Radio News
  • Issues Today, syndicated to 160 stations
  • Mancow Morning Show, Chicago, 3-5 million listeners nationwide
  • Frankie Boyer Show (three appearances), nationally syndicated
  • Global Medicine Hunter show, nationally syndicated on Health Radio Network
  • Aware Talk Radio, nationally syndicated to 106 stations
  • Touch of Gray show, syndicated on 50 stations including WABC in New York and KRLA in Los Angeles.
  • WBIG in Chicago
  • Also heard in Seattle, Tampa, Kentucky, Hartford, St. Louis, Kansas City, Seattle, San Francisco
  • TV Special “Health Alternatives


These are just some of the many organizations helping me spread this message of hope to millions of women needlessly suffering from intense PMS symptoms and other female related health problems.


And yes, I’m a practicing physician as well. I’ve performed nearly 100,000 physical examinations in my medical career. During those countless examinations, I didn’t just write pain medication prescriptions and send my patients on their way…


Visits to my office were much longer and more extensive than what you’d normally expect. When it came to female health issues, I wanted to gather as much information as humanly possible.




My Patients Are Always

Treated With The Utmost Respect


I talked to my women patients, and just as importantly – actually listened to what they had to say. Many (if not most) of them were fed up with condescending, lofty physicians. You know the type – so full of themselves they hardly give their patients (or their patient’s complaints) a second thought.


Not with me! Symptoms were recorded and detailed observations made. Time and time again in-depth questions were asked, exhaustively pulling out anything that hadn’t been raised before or perhaps even been missed.


Personally caring for thousands of patients, many with migraine headaches, patterns slowly emerged – eventually enabling the Institute to actually see the root causes of this disease – and not just the painful effects.


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"This is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It was awesome.”

"I had no life, the migraines completely took over. I had 12 to 16 migraines a month.  The week of my period, I had one every single day.”
“My misery lasted for 6 years.”
“Since I started this program, I don’t have that anymore.  I’ve got energy. I’m happy.”
“Within not even a month of starting the program, I noticed that my headaches went down to 8 a month.  Then the next month, it was like 6 a month.  As each month went by, I don’t have that problem anymore.
“That is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It was awesome.”
“I totally feel like Dr. Jones has given me my life back.  I am enjoying life and I have not felt that in 6 years.”

Suzanne W.
Cy-Fair, Texas

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"Haven't Had A Single Migraine Since..."

"I had migraines before I started Dr. Jones' program. I have not had a single migraine in the year since I started."

Donna H.
Houston, Texas

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"I had Headaches
All My Life..."

"Ever since I started Dr. Jones' program, I haven't had anymore headaches. I have had headaches all my life ... I wish I started this earlier."

Sherri P.

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“I am finally free of migraine headaches…
It is an unbelievable feeling … Thank you, Dr. Jones”

Olga Nicholas
Sugar Land, Texas

“Dear Women's Health Institute of Texas,

I am so thrilled with my new life. I am finally free of migraine headaches.

My name is Olga Nicholas and I suffered from excruciating migraine headaches for well over a decade.

In fact, I can still remember my very first migraine headache.

The pain was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It felt like my skull was giving birth to a bowling ball. Like someone buried an ice-pick in my temple…”

To read the full account … click here.

"47 years of migraines - GONE TOTALLY"

“I have managed 47 yrs. of migraine. Started as a 27yr. old (married and went on the Pill) Then the migraines came in and I never missed a month free of them.

At menopause they changed character, less intense but more often.
In my 74th. year I was averaging 6 - 11 a month.

I have spent thousands of dollars and tried everything, even all the wierd treatments,except hypnosis. Do I mention the pain.fear at times and disruption?

Imigram was my life line, and all the time I was wondering what was happening to my brain.

June 23rd. 07 I started with your recomended treatment Progest 50 and Mg-Zyme.


It is now 14th. Nov. 07 145 days and not a migraine. It is like a miracle.

Thankyou ”

Claire Stewart
New Zealand

"I didn't want to get my hopes up again…"

“I cannot believe that this is actually working! I have tried so many different medications trying to end the painful headaches that I have suffered from for over 2 years.

I started getting these headaches about two months after I started taking birth control pills. I told my gynecologists that I thought that the birth control pills were causing my headaches. He said that there was no way that the birth control pills could be causing me the headaches.

I researched migraines on the internet and I found that yes they (birth control pills) do cause headaches. I decided to see a different doctor and get off the birth control. I decided to get an IUD because it contains no hormones. I was extremely disappointed when I did not see any improvement in my migraines. I had a headache everyday! 

I suffered from these headaches for over two years. I tried over 15 different medications. None worked. When my husband emailed me the link to Dr. Andrew Jones' web site I refused to even look at it because I had been disappointed in the past so many times. I didn't want to get my hopes up again for something that was not going to work.

I am so glad that my husband convinced me to try this program. When I read and looked at your website and heard the testimonials of the women, I felt their pain. When I learned Dr. Andrew Jones take on birth control pills I felt as though this would be the answer to relieving my headaches. It made perfect sense. Thank you Dr. Andrew Jones. Your program is changing my life!

My husband says that he got his wife back. We were married 2.5 years ago. Before I got on the birth control pills I was always so happy and upbeat. Those (birth control) pills took 2 years out of my life. They made me miserable. I knew they were the cause of my migraines. Thank you for confirming what I thought all along.”

Maria Z.,
Joliet, Illinois

"I have finally found a [program] that will eliminate my migraine headaches!"

Julie H.,
Tinley Park, Illinois

"BTW two months on [the program] and NO MIGRAINES!!!!!....THANK YOU!! Thank you!!!"

Shelley M.,
Orchard Park, New York

"Thank you sooo much for the ebook.  It is fantastic!!!"

Lizzy B.
New Zealand

"Thank you!"

"I just wanted to thank you for making your research and cure available online. I suffered from daily migraines last year, and none of the doctors or neurologists I saw could help. Since I am extremely sensitive to medication, the migraines were sometimes better than the side effects of the prescription drugs. Thanks to you I am migraine free and have my life back. I can't say "thank you" enough.

Heidi B.,
Plano, Texas

"Since I have been on this product, I have
not had one bad headache”

"I am here to tell someone that since I have been on this product, I have not had one bad headache... mild ones, yes, but a simple motrin and it is gone.. unlike before."

Carmen S.
Grand Junction, Colorado

"Now, I don't have any more migraines!"

"I suffered migraines quite regularly, but Dr. Jones' program helped to start reducing them. In the past month … I dropped from 14 migraines that lasted all day the previous month to 1 short migraine this month. Now, I don't have any more migraines! It is pretty exciting. I have had no migraines in the last six weeks."

Brenda M.
Houston, Texas

Already Improving After One Week

"Hi, I ordered your book for my daughter who is almost 30, had a hysterectomy last April and has pretty much lost her life to migraines. She has been on your program for a little over a week and is already improving (THANK YOU)."

Cindy R.
Wisconsin, USA

Good news - no headaches!

"I recently downloaded your book and started taking the hormones. Good news - no headaches!"

Cherie C.
West Terre Haute, Indiana

Your book has been a total revelation!

"Dear Andrew, Your book has been a total revelation, at last someone knows what I have been going through all these years. Doctor after doctor has dismissed my beliefs that my migraines were due to hormonal reasons and not just what I ate or drank etc.

I have now been taking the program for a total seven days and so far no migraines!!"

Many Thanks
Sally M.
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

The first time in 7 years that I haven't gotten a migraine!

"I've only been taking this supplement for 4 weeks, but its the first time in 7 years that I haven't gotten a migraine during that time of the month... thank you....vicki "

Vicki K.
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

I do feel like a new person!

"I have been using the program for almost a month now, and feel great! I have not had a migraine since I have been taking it, and I was getting them every 2 weeks, so I do feel like a new person! I am so grateful for the help you have given me!"

Lyn W.
Orchard Park, NY

I am much happier and like my old self again!

"Hello Dr. Jones, Just a note to thank you for your book, though I was a bit worried trying something from the web I was desperate as I was suffering with migraine 3weeks out of 4. I am delighted to say that I am much better now after following your programme for the last 4months and if I do get a headache it is not so severe or debilatating. I am much happier and like my old self again. I am 57 and in the menopause but have had migraine since my 20's when I took the pill for a year. As your book sugests after that it was downhill for me. I have 5 sisters only two of us get migraine,we both took the pill for a short time the other sisters did not! But of course doctors just laugh. Thany you again."

Sally J. Kent
United Kingdom

My migraines have dramatically improved!!!!

"I have suffered from daily migraines for a long time but they stopped when I became pregnant. Everything in your book made complete sense to me about having a hormonal imbalance. I have been taking the Progest50 for 2 weeks now and my migraines have dramatically improved!!! I have only had a couple instead of getting them every day!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!"

Renee P.
Henrietta, New York

No headache

"After one week all the signs are positive. No headache."

Many thanks,

Ontario, Canada

I'm no longer suffering

"I'm so glad I found your e-book and the solution to my migraines. I stopped the pill in November and started Progest50 in December. I can't believe the difference it has made in my life. I went from 3 severe migraines a week to 3 so-so ones a month! I'm no longer suffering every other day and can get on with my life! I've also never been so regular in my life (my period starts exactly every 4th Wednesday!). No idea if it's related but it's nice to be predictable again.

Thanks so much!"


From eight migraines a month down to one

"I averaged up to eight severe migraine's a month, now after just two months on the programme I was down to one .Here's hoping they disappear completely"

Elaine W.
Livingston, Scotland

On top of the world

"Thank you so much for this information. I just want to stand on top of the world and yell to all women... why have we been so fooled for all these years!!!"

Maryann E.
Fort Smith, Arkansas

My migraines are gone!!

"I have been using your program for over 4 months now. My migraines are gone!!"


No Zomig for 35+ days

"I have been on your program for 32 days now... I have not had to take a zomig for 35+ days which is HUGE for me. Thanks for your continued support in this endeavor... I will spread the word to everyone I know who suffers from migraine headaches."

Tannis S,
British Columbia, Canada

What a joy to wake up without a migraine!

"I am a 60 year old woman residing in Canada. I have been experiencing regular migraines since I started taking the birth control pill in 1971. After discovering your website, I ordered your book which I found very interesting. I have been taking a daily dose for 5 weeks. My headaches have improved, being less frequent and less severe."

Novia Scotia, Canada

"My daughter has been taking your treatment and she has been feeling better.  Thank you!!!"

Madelyn O.
Las Vegas, NV

I am so happy now

"Migraine attacks have been significantly reduced. I am so happy now [with] very few headaches."

Nancy S.
Ottawa, Canada

WOW! what a difference

"I ordered [your program] and started the regime right away. I was previously doing estrogen & progesterone creams and stopped both immediately. WOW! what a difference, I was able to sleep through the entire night without waking up with nightsweats! Just being able to fall and stay asleep was a blessing! And by the third day, I've had much relief of my migraines as well as having energy to last throughout the day. Thank you very much for your research and willingness to share what you've found that REALLY works. It's greatly appreaciated!"

North Royalton, Ohio

Australian doctor recommends program

"I am a consultant Psychiatrist from Australia. I have had a wonderful response to your program (thankyou)."


Lynette C, FRANZCP
Victoria, Australia

Good news

"Hi , I have been taking [your program] for nearly 3 weeks now and all is well."

Cheers n thanks -

Annie K.
Tasmania, Australia

Kudos for Dr. Jones and his research!

"Kudos for Dr. Jones and his research! Before I started your program, I was experiencing a migraine that had been haunting me for several days and prohibiting me from taking care of my family's basic needs. After a couple of days on your program, I was soon able to function and haven't had a migraine since. It has changed my life! Thank you Dr. Jones!"

With gratitude,

Jamie L.
Sugar Land, Texas

"Discovering your treatment programme has been a revelation for me"

I cannot believe that it has been four months since I first ordered your book.

There has been a significant decrease in my migraines since starting the programme; last month I only had one migraine as opposed to my usual four or five. They have also decreased in their intensity; i.e. I now experience the aura as usual but the headache is not half as severe and I no longer have the nausea.

I will see what happens the next month but I am convinced that they will stop altogether very shortly.

Reading your book and discovering your treatment programme has been a revelation for me. I thought my life was forever to be blighted by the curse of migraines and no matter how many times I went back and forth to the doctor about them, all they would do was to prescribe different medication to "help" with the symptoms. I was always convinced that my migraines were connected to my hormones but could never convince my GP to take me seriously. Now after reading your book, I know why!!!

Thank you Andrew, very much, for helping me to change my life for the better."

With gratitude,

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

"I am doing fabulous"

"I just wanted to let you know I am doing fabulous.  I feel like I have a
life again.  I have been letting several of my friends know about this
approach to treating migranes."

Thank you,

Sandy R
Tehachapi, CA

"Your e-book was a God send"

"It has been about two months since I began my treatment plan. I am doing quite well. I have suffered from migraines for 10 years or more and it is nice to finally come across a doctor who is interested in prevention versus treatment.

I have tried all of the traditional medications. My migraines had gotten so bad until weekly visits to my doctors office for injections became routine. Frankly, I did not think that your treatment would work for me because in the past year my migraines all seemed to be weather related. I didn't think there was any hope.

When I discovered you e-book on-line, I was at the end of my rope. I had been suffering from one of the worst migraines of my life for 36 hours. I wound up in the emergency room, being pumped full of enough drugs that frankly I thought could kill me. Once I came out of that drug induced fog, I decided that I would go on-line AGAIN and try to find a cure or a treatment that did not entail numerous dangerous toxins, a treatment that was right for me.

Needless to say, your e-book was a God send. I am now able to function on a daily basis. I am able to focus with a clear mind. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! I thank you, my 4 year old son thanks you, and my parents, who have worried incessantly over the years about me and my migraines thank you!"


Sandra P
Abilene, TX

"I have never ever felt so good"

"Dr. Jones, I purchased your book when I literally hit rock bottom with headaches and PMS. I started the program, and I can honestly say that I have never ever felt so good as far back as I can remember. Everyone notices. I am so grateful"


Serena W
Clarkston, Michigan

"It is a miracle"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am on my 14th day of migraine free life! It is a miracle, I can't wait to tell my doctor!"


Irene W.
Bay Point, California


"Hello. I meant to email you and say thank you. I am going to provide this info to alot of people, I love it. Fantastic. I have been telling others. I will get others started on it as I am a Naturalpathic consultant. I enjoyed your book too."


Marlene R.
Ontario, Canada

"Its been almost 3 months since I have had a
debilitating migraine."


I am doing very well thank-you. The recommended dosage is working for me and my migraines have decreased in both frequency and severity. I continue to take the progesterone. Its been almost 3 months since I have had a debilitating migraine.

Thank-you very much!"

Pamela W.
Alberta, Canada

"Not had a migraine in the last 60 days"

"I am doing well and have not had a migraine in the last 60 days. I felt like one was coming on during my last cycle, but I took another pill and it went away.

Thank you!"

Dianne G.
Lake Oswego, Oregon






"really a miracle...I was so thankful"

"Dear Dr. Jones,

I actually started the treatment program and had completed the first 15th to 28th day treatment. I was so desperate to find cure of my migraines, after suffering severe pains and was not able to work for 30 days. All the medicines my doctor gave was not curing the cause of pain.

After 4 days I was able to go back to work that the first week without headache at work was really a
miracle...I was so thankful.

Ofelia R.
Elk Grove, California

"I'm blown away"

"I would like to tell you my experience. For years I've been telling Dr's what you outline in your book but none have agreed. I have always known the pill was the cause of the chemical dysfunction that I now deal with. No Dr. I've met with agrees. Even the headache clinic in Stamford, CT disagrees!!! They've reacted and prescribed everything and more as you describe in your book.

It was a fluke that I had come across your site and was amazed and relieved that someone actually validated what I've been saying. I never read something that so closely described everything I have been going through for almost twenty years. I was never able to articulate it the say you did since I didn't understand the whole thing myself. All I knew was that the pill threw things permanently out of whack.

Still skeptical, it was worth a shot versus all of the Imitrex shots I have stocked in my cabinet. I would love to throw all of that away!

Day 13 of my cycle I started feeling the start of the migraine as I normally do. By the next morning I would normally wake up with a severe migraine. Rather than wait two days and be well into an episode I decided to start the supplements that night just to see what would happen. Well, I NEVER got that migraine!!! I've been on the pills for a good week now and I'm shocked that I have not yet had a migraine. I usually do by now. Still, I can't help but fret about waking up with a migraine and this ends up not working. I'm hoping that is not the case. I'm trying to keep the faith.

I'm blown away that something this simple is never offered to women by their Dr's. I just got my reminder notice for my check up and I plan on going to my next appointment armed with your information. I will be having a meeting with the Dr.

I've always hated pharmaceutical companies and I hate being at the mercy of Imitrex or Relpax. It will be a tremendous relief if this keeps up and I never have to deal with another migraine for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!"

Karen C.
Ansonia, CT

"My migraines have been significantly reduced"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am on my 14th day of migraine free life! It is a miracle, I can't wait to tell my doctor!"


Irene W.
Bay Point, California

"Your treatment has given me back my life"

"I would love to give you the results of the treatment you have prescribed to be free of the migraine headaches I had.

I was in a desperate state when I stumbled on your website. That was in January of 2007. My headaches had become debilitating and I was close to having to quit my job of 18 years. Menopause, for me, had hit with a vengeance. Not only was I having migraine headaches, I had started having the common "hot flashes" that I had heard about from friends. Only they did not seem too common for me. The first sign I would have indicating a hot flash was starting, would be nausea and an overall sick feeling. Then a few seconds later the hot flash would take over. So between the hot flashes and the headaches, I was totally miserable. The hot flashes also kept me from getting any sleep at night. I would sleep with an ice pack by my pillow to try and alleviate some of the heat that would consume my body.

I started your treatment in late January and it truly has given me back my life. The results to the treatment were almost immediate. The headaches are almost completely gone and I have almost forgotten that I ever had hot flashes. That was a surprise, I didn't expect the program to help that, and a very pleasant surprise I might add. I still have some headache breakthrough but nothing compared to the way it was before I started the program. My family is very happy to have me back and for me, life is good again.

Thank you so much,"

Sandra L.
Plant City, Florida

"20 Years of Migraines Gone with this Formula"

"My English is not very well but I want to explain to you my mother and my aunt got rid of (remedy) Migraines after 20/15 years with this formula and I have found it by accident.

Thank you for your mind.


United Kingdom

"I am doing much better"

"With my medical history the last four years, most doctors run from me because I ask so many questions. Thanks to you, I am doing much better though and I began noticing changes the first month for migraines and PMS with the supplements. I find it helps my mood stabilize & decreases headaches.

I am so glad this information & treatment is available. My GP & Neurologist both indicated I have "complex migraines" but neither could suggest treatment for them.

Thank you."

Roxane B.
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

"I've had great success"

"I must say I've had great success with the program you recommended and would highly recommend to others. I still have an occasional migraine, however I am not in bed with them the entire day or three solid days like I was before.

I also don't notice the mood swings as much either which is wonderful.


Ruth D
St. Cloud, MN

"I only wish I'd found you 8 years ago"

"I started your program as soon as I got ebook and I have to tell you I AM ELATED with results....my headaches are fewer and fewer. . I can tell already, it's working. I only wish I'd found you 8 years ago. I have gone the triptan route and low blood pressure meds (Inderal) to acupunture to cranial sacral therapy...you name it. I am telling all my migraine suffering friends about it.

So far only one big headache since the program. I went 10 days without a headache and then 6 days without one.....huge accomplishment.

More data: I know it's working....I don't get headaches from my three mile walks through the woods anymore and I don't get headaches after a simple glass of wine anymore. Another time I get headaches is when I am really tired from a busy day....only get tired now sans the headache....yeah!

Most of all I want to thank you from the thick of my heart, from the soul of my soul for giving me back a normal life!"

Julia A.
Minneapolis, MN

"p.s. love to be a testimonial for you. my search has been going on for 8 YEARS!!!"

"Thanks from Baghdad"

"I want to thank you for the book. You can imagine how important this book is to the deployed soldiers here in Baghdad. I'll share it every chance I get. Thanks again.

God Bless,"

SFC Worsley
Baghdad, Iraq

"Feels like a miracle"

"I have been followed this programme for a month now and I am really happy to say that so far it seems to have worked! I usually get quite severe migraine around the time of my period and it lasts for 3 days. This month it hasn't happened and it feels like a miracle as I have had migraine for over twenty years, apart from when I was pregnant. Thank you so much- I will certainly persevere with it.

I would like you to know just how life-changing this is and how fantastic.

Thank you so much,"

Eleanor C.
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

"When I read your e-book it described me to a 'T'"

"I'm thrilled with your program and how it has improved my life.  I have not had a migraine since I started taking it back in April.  I used to have to plan my month according to when the headaches would arrive--I had a headache that always lasted for three days, some months worse than others, and the last straw was when I had one in March that lasted 4-5 days.  

That's when I went on-line to get help, and found your web site, as no doctor I'd seen could do anything to stop the headaches.  I started getting migraines when I started taking birth control pills a couple years after my third child was born to stop my heavy periods.  I figure I have taken the pill on and off for half of my life (I'm now 51).  When I read your e-book, it described  me to a "T".  I had been suffering with these migraines for over 7 years!!!  My Gyn-Ob doctor called them "menstrual migraines", and kept prescribing pills to help with the other peri-menopausal symptoms.  I have passed my success story onto others who have complained to me about these women's issues, and I also convinced my 25 yr. old daughter to stop taking birth control pills so she wouldn't mess up her body as I did. Thanks for caring about women in this stage of life, and please continue to find ways to make our lives easier."

Cyndi B.
Scarborough, Maine

"Marked Improvement"

"I have noted marked improvement this month.   I have already told several people of your book and website with hopes of helping them as well.  It is such a relief to FINALLY have found someone who seems to understand what is really going on in my system to cause all of this.  From the start I was told my problem was hormonal, but not one physician treated the cause, only the symptoms....THANK YOU!!!!"

Vicki D
Whiteville, North Carolina

"I feel like a new person"

"I am afraid to even write about how HUGE this is for me!! I have not gone without  a headache for more than a 2-3 day period.  Life in the absence of pain is something so new to me. I am energetic and feel so productive at work at home etc. I cannot thank you for the advice and constant encouragement . I would like to add a testimonial to the website to encourage others like me.  Thanks again to you and Dr. Jones. To say I feel like a new person is an understatement!!"

Lisa M.
Staten Island, NY

"My migraines disappeared.  What a relief"

"Within about three months, my migraines disappeared.  What a relief.   

After having a hysterectomy over twenty years ago, I wore the estrogen patch for quite a few years and felt fine.  I had a few migraines but thought they were sinus headaches.  Sinus surgery didn't help much!  Then when the scare over HRT hit, I decided not to wear it any longer.  After I quit the patch, the headaches became a nightmare--nothing like the migraines I'd had before.  I would have one after another.  For the last four or five years, I've had four or five a week.  I only counted the days I had a headache as one day; many of the days I would have two or three a day.  Most of the time I was able to stay at work, but I was taking Imitrex like candy to keep them at bay.  Now, I just [follow your program] and the headaches don't come any longer.   

When the headaches were at their worse, I wondered if it was even worth living any longer.  Now, finally, at age 62, I have my life back.  Thank you. "

Toni C.
Walla Walla, Washington

"In just the first month I have noticed a difference!"

Kristin C
Lake Orion, Michigan

"I have no headaches for the entire month"

"I had 3 to 4 migraine headaches each month for the past couple of years.  I tried many treatments from prescription drugs to herbs and vitamins and nothing helped much or no help at all.  

I read and search a lot on migraines because nothing is more important than a good health.  Last month (first month on your treatment program) I only had one migraine headache.  I was so very happy about it.  This month I had none.  I just could not believe that I have no headaches for the entire month.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and God bless you and your patients! Respectfully, "

Qi U.
Delaware, Ohio

"I am finding great results from your program"

Donna S.
Mount Vernon, Washington

"Danke!  Merci! Gracias!  Thank you!  Obrigado!  Mahlo!"

"Danke!  Merci! Gracias!  Thank you!  Obrigado!  Mahlo!  

Shortly after reading "The Natural Cure to Your Migraine Headaches" (which I've had for over 40 years), I began your suggested recommendations.  I'm beginning to reduce the amount of daily meds (Pamelor) to see if I can eliminate them all together.   

I sincerely appreciate you publishing your book and offering it over the net.  I've been to many doctors and tried many drugs along my journey.  I'm feeling much better and it's wonderful to get my life back (great for my family, especially my supportive husband) !


Carol H.
St. Charles, Illinois

"My migraines are virtually gone ... I feel wonderful"

"My migraines are virtually gone and my "regular" headaches have significantly decreased.  My energy level and overall well-being have improved and I feel wonderful.  I didn't realize how good I could feel until I had been on the programs for a month or two.  I came to the realization that I had felt awful before--that my body had been deficient in many ways that had been taking a toll on my health.  Now I feel happier, more energetic and more in-tune with my body.   

Thank you,"

Lisa T.
Klamath Falls, Oregon


Traditional Medicine Misses The Boat

The current medical system of treating isolated symptoms completely misses the whole complex system of a normal woman's bodily processes. Neurologists and other specialists who treat only the headache can't see the forest for the trees.


The consequence?


Many migraine sufferers are bounced between 20 - 30 different doctors over the years. Starting with their family physician, then seeing a neurologist, a cardiologist, a rheumatologist, an ear-nose-and-throat practitioner, a chiropractor, a pain management specialist, a physical therapist, internist… even a psychiatrist.


Some Doctors Write You Off…


Since they can’t seem to help you – they just say goodbye. Others write you a new prescription every time you visit. It’s the easy way out - stop gap measures  keeping you quiet until the next migraine hits. But when nothing more works, many migraine sufferers turn to "miracle cures" out of sheer desperation.


But at the end of the day all the expensive prescription drugs, herbal remedies and mysterious voodoo tricks are really just ...



Sham Treatments


Offering false hope and dashed expectations. Many of you have migraines so severe you've clutched at any straw you could find – anything to ease the pain and lighten the torment. Massage therapists, herbalists, yoga gurus, crystal healers, and who knows what else - all claiming wondrous migraine cures. Of course - the only thing lightened was your checkbook.


That's why The Women's Health Institute of Texas decided to tackle this health-problem head on, once and for all. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with anything less than:



A Total Absolute Cure


No more half-way measures or useless remedies. My patients had it up to their ears with bogus promises and phony treatments. The time had come to take off the kid gloves and…



Banish Migraines Forever


Did it succeed? You bet it did!


The Institute’s success rate is now at an astounding 80%. 4 out of every 5 women following this treatment plan will significantly reduce or completely eliminate their migraine headaches. (More on this in a bit.)



 “Medications like Imitrex, Zomig and Maxalt are helpful after a migraine headache begins … but we figured out how to eliminate migraines altogether.” 


- Andrew Jones, M.D.



So What’s The No Nonsense Low-Down?


But what’s the scientific explanation behind this cure? Here are the facts:


Research shows women are 300% more likely to suffer from migraines than men. In truth, that's low-balling it.


The Women's Health Institute believes it's more like a 10 to 1 ratio of women to men migraine sufferers.


So the question is…


Why Do Migraines Target Women?


Let's first rule out the obvious…


  • It can't be diet… since men and women generally eat the same food
  • It can't be stress… since men and women both feel stress
  • It can't be pollution, or environmental… since both men and women live in the same environment
  • It can't be work-related, since nowadays there are very few jobs that are not shared by both men and women
  • It can't be caused by vision problems, since both men and women require glasses or contacts


So why is it women are 300 - 1000% more likely to suffer from migraines?


The answer is deceivingly simple. Women are far more likely to suffer from migraines because of …


Sex Hormones!


Don't just take my word for this. Take a look at the following facts and see if the sex hormone theory starts making sense to you.

  • FACT #1: Approximately 60-80% of menstruating women suffer from migraine headaches around the same time of their monthly cycle
  • FACT #2: Migraine headaches tend to get less severe after menopause
  • FACT #3: Migraine headaches usually disappear during pregnancy - only to re-appear immediately after birth

This last fact is the first clue towards the cure. During pregnancy, your body begins to produce large amounts of sex hormones. Amazingly, when increased levels of these hormones are present, migraines completely disappear.


Ask yourself this: Along with your migraine headaches – do you have one or more of the following conditions as well?


  • PMS
  • Heavy periods
  • Painful periods
  • Post-partum depression
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Infertility
  • Hysterectomy at an early age




  • Have you EVER Taken Birth Control Pills? (This is a MAJOR QUESTION – more on the real danger of birth control pills below …)


Saying YES to any of the above conditions is a very strong sign you’re probably deficient in one or more crucial sex hormones.  What I found is simply this:



Correct the Hormone Deficiency –

Eliminate The Migraines


Correcting the hormone deficiency through natural, bio-identical hormone replacements makes a drastic difference in treating migraines – almost always completely eliminating them in women.



Traditional Hormone Replacement Useless


Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is vastly different from this natural hormone therapy – and just doesn’t work in treating migraines. Traditional HRT uses synthetic, counterfeit chemicals that are not biologically identical to those in your body. In fact – some of these drugs (like Premarin) are actually made from horse urine – not a very pleasant thought in and of itself!


For the therapy to work – only biologically identical hormones will do. I use only natural hormones that are identical to the ones produced in your own body – and not some substance that starts off in a mare’s bladder.



Women’s Health Institute - The Natural Alternative


The Women’s Health Institute of Texas (located in a small suburb outside of Houston), specializes in treating women’s health issues through natural hormone therapy. We’ve been very quietly going about the business of treating gynecologic and female medical problems - and in the process discovered how to eliminate migraines in our headache patients.  


When I first set out treating patients for PMS, infertility, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and menopausal symptoms, I never dreamed their migraine headaches would disappear in the process. My medical school training never mentioned migraine headaches were related to sex hormone deficiencies. 


Why not? For the simple reason -  it just wasn’t known.


This link between sex hormones (also called ovarian hormones) and migraine pain was never taken into account, even though the most common drugs used to fight migraines – the triptans (i.e. Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig) - primarily work through another hormone called serotonin. But when we connected all the dots, everyone – including myself - was extremely surprised with the results. 


You see, I didn’t prescribe the usual migraine drugs.  As mentioned, conventional hormone therapy uses synthetic, counterfeit chemicals only resembling hormones, merely mimicking their effects.


There’s a reason why these man-made mimics are sold over the real thing: Natural substances can’t be patented. Without a patent – there’s no profit to be had in developing the pill. To be quite blunt about it, those giant multinational drug companies want you to continue suffering because of … MONEY!


Migraines Are A Four Billion Dollar A Year Industry

And Cures Kill Profits!

What's more profitable: A cure? Or a band-aid treatment?

Think about it… if the big drug companies discovered a cure… it would actually hurt their earnings! However, if they develop a pill that doesn't cure the migraine, but only treats the symptoms… profits are guaranteed to explode. Patients begin to rely on these expensive medications, getting hooked for the rest of their lives.

Even when a prescription pill does seem to work, after two or three years it stops being effective. In many cases the body adapts to the drug, plunging you right back to square one: Sitting in a dark room, hoping against hope that this migraine will be the last. But the migraines always come back.

It’s really insane – shelling out thousands of dollars for consultations and medicines that in the end don’t even offer hope for a permanent healing.

Here’s the snag: Ask your doctor about the natural treatment we’ve discovered, and he or she would think to themselves: “Hmmm… a rather novel and unconventional notion.” Then they’ll discard it out of hand.

It doesn’t stand a chance of getting endorsed, because 90% of all doctors believe “Nothing works unless it comes from a big drug company.” Why? Simply because that’s the way they’re taught in medical school.

Drug companies are also part of the problem, spending billions of dollars touting their products – prescription drugs all. In fact, the dirty secret is this:

Drug companies spend more money on marketing and advertising to doctors than they do on new drug research – a whopping $8.5 billion in the year 2000 alone.

With this kind of money in play, no drug company wants news of a “natural” product leaking out to prescribing doctors. That would kill the sales of their prescription drugs. With the iron-fist control of information drug companies have over doctors, is there any wonder why your physician has never heard of this hormonal treatment for migraines?"



The Bio-Identical Advantage


When I started using our bio-identical hormone therapy to correct PMS, heavy periods and the like, I was happily amazed that virtually all my patients reported  their migraine headaches either dramatically improved or ceased to exist!  They were simply elated.  Some have volunteered to tell their story, like the account from Olga Nicholas.



Liberated From Intense Pain, Nausea and Suffering


A full 80% of our patients found their migraines have completely disappeared or noticed a sharp reduction in frequency and severity of their headaches.


4 out of 5 women who’ve been suffering debilitating migraines for years have walked out of our clinic either completely healed or dramatically improved. 


Now that’s what I call results.


Just How Important are Hormones?

As I pointed out, it can’t be overstated just how important your hormones really are.  They control almost everything in the body, including your menstrual cycles, fertility, ovulation, pregnancy, emotions and moods, childhood growth, digestion, energy, sleep, appetite, sugar and fat metabolism, hair growth, salt and water balance, bone hardness, libido, kidney function, blood pressure, the immune system, wound healing, blood cell production … and the list goes on and on.



Your entire existence is controlled by these bodily chemicals.  Every one of the trillion or so cells in your body has hormone receptors - your retinal cells, skin cells, hair cells, heart cells, uterus cells – ALL cells are influenced and respond to hormones.  Brain cells are no exception.




“…in terms of balancing hormones, migraines are to the brain as what menopause is to the ovaries– both conditions result from insufficient levels of female hormones.”

- Andrew Jones, M.D.

Hormone Deficiencies

The body regulates hormones so tightly, a deficiency in just one of them causes a whole cascade of medical symptoms and problems to develop.  For example, this is why diabetes – a deficiency of the hormone insulin, affects not only blood sugar levels, but also the eyes, nerves, heart, skin and kidneys.


Back in the early 1900’s, diabetes was considered an untreatable condition by mainstream medicine - and was always fatal.  It wasn’t until the discovery of insulin that diabetes could be effectively controlled.


Going back even further, in the late 1800’s some mentally unstable, depressed and overweight people in British mental institutions were considered incurable by conventional medicine.  It wasn’t until the discovery of the thyroid hormone that hypothyroidism became a curable condition.


In the 1960’s the common belief was that symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and night sweats were permanent.  Then doctors introduced hormonal estrogen therapy which easily cured these “untreatable” conditions.  (To this day, menopause is still mismanaged by doctors.)


Until recently, stunted growth in children was considered an unfortunate and medically permanent condition.  It wasn’t until the discovery of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that this condition was completely alleviated.


Just 15 years ago, Chronic Anemia was considered to be a non-curable disease.  Then the hormone erythropoietin (EPO) was discovered, successfully alleviating this condition.


Less than 10 years ago, neutropenia, an almost always fatal condition affecting immune response, was tantamount to receiving a death sentence. Again considered incurable by mainstream medicine, it wasn’t until the discovery of Colony Stimulating Factor (CSF) that this disease is now routinely and effectively treated.



Migraine Headaches are No Different from

Other Hormone Deficient Conditions


Today, conventional medicine says migraine headaches are “incurable” -  just like all the other examples you’ve just read about.  Each time a condition is considered untreatable, new medical discoveries stumble across the root causes and a remedy is created to reverse the deficiency.


If it worked for diabetes, hypothyroidism, menopause, anemia and neutropenia, it certainly can work for migraine headaches. Replenish the deficient hormones and get rid of the headache. It’s that straight-forward.   


Please Take Notice: I’m not saying all someone has to do is willy-nilly treat themselves with herbal remedies or hormonal creams. Like everything else, you’ll need to know the precise hormones to correct and the exact dosages to take.


Most if not all of the homeopathic remedies touted don’t work, regardless of the source.  I’ve tried them all and found they all have one thing in common:


They’re worthless.


I’ve discovered the best method is to re-balance the body’s natural hormones, which also turns out to be the most convenient and least expensive way as well.



Creams Don’t Work


With all due respect to Dr. Jonathon Lee, the doctor who pioneered natural hormone therapy, creams just don’t work.  Again - I’ve tried every one imaginable on my patients and been vastly disappointed with the results.  There are many sources for these natural hormonal creams, including those made by pharmacists, and I’ve found each and every one of them to be terribly ineffective.  You literally have to take a bath in the stuff to gain any benefit whatsoever. I prefer methods that actually do the job.




Is My Headache A Migraine?

Below are the most common symptoms of a migraine headache. If you answer “yes”  to 3 or more any of them – odds are it’s a true migraine and not something else.


• Your headache feels like someone stabbed your brain with an ice pick

• Pain is usually one sided

• Your headache doesn’t respond to regular over-the-counter painkillers

• Pain is pulsating, pounding, or throbbing

• Light and sound bother you a lot

• Pain worsens when you move or bend over

• Pain becomes so intense that you throw up or become nauseated

• You get dizzy just by turning your head or when lying in bed

• You feel you have to lie down, go to bed, or withdraw to a quiet dark room

• Vision may be blurred, like a curtain coming down over your eyes

• You experience visual “auras” (zig-zag or geometric lines) before the headache strikes

• The headache lasts from several hours to several days (or even weeks)


The Bottom Line: If you have to stay home and lock yourself in the bedroom, then you probably have a migraine.



The Secret Only 100 Physicians Know

There are fewer than 100 doctors on this planet who know how to cure migraine headaches in women.  You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than finding a doctor in your insurance plan who knows how to manage bio-identical hormone treatment.


But here’s the good news: The Women's Health Institute has put this successful migraine treatment program down on paper.  I’ve actually published our step-by-step program so that women everywhere could follow our advice - Eliminating Their Migraines! 


This treatment can now be found in my new e-book - containing everything the Institute and I know about treating migraines.


And soon – that exact same information can be yours.


But first – I’d like to talk to you about a very serious health problem affecting our society:



Birth Control Pills:

Migraine’s Hidden Culprit


The Women’s Health Institute of Texas is thoroughly convinced that birth control pills are one of the primary factors responsible for causing migraine headaches.  I detected early on an extremely close connection between taking these pills and migraine development.


Many of my patients also noticed the same association and stopped taking birth control medication on their own.  But it was too late - these pills had done their damage by fundamentally altering the body’s basic hormonal balance.  


Birth control pills are quite literally a slow acting poison. They can do irreparable damage to the part of the ovaries that manufacture sex hormones. In a large portion of women I saw who went on the pill, migraine headaches soon developed, along with a host of other physical problems.


“The pill” is not the innocent drug we’ve been lead to believe. Even taking them for only a few months can lead to permanent damage.  However – the effects are cumulative: The longer one takes birth control pills the greater the danger.


The birth control pill is even prescribed to non-sexually active teenagers to control their abnormal periods.  This was acceptable medical practice back in the 1970’s and 80’s - and unfortunately remains so today.  As a result, two or three decades later these women have numerous gynecologic problems - including a side legacy of migraine headaches.


The health risks are directly proportional to the length of time one uses them.  It’s not unusual to come across women who’ve taken these pills for 15 or 20 years – and have a host of gynecological maladies to prove it. 



You Were Right All Along


Many of you figured out a long time ago that there was something wrong with birth control pills.  You noticed changes in your body that simply weren’t good.  Many of you noticed your migraines and several other female problems began some time after you started taking these oral contraceptives.


Once you figured out the association between birth control pills and their adverse effects, you stopped taking them.  Many of you even told your doctors about what you noticed.  Often times, even when you did tell your doctor of these bad side-effects - you were dismissed, patronized or even given a prescription for anti-depressants!


However, in retrospect, you were right all along.  Birth control pills are indeed a problem.  And kudos for those of you that figured it out all by yourself.



Interested in finding out more about birth control pills, their hidden problems and dangers? I’ve put together a special report devoted entirely to birth control pills and how they wreck havoc in a woman’s body. This extremely important study is yours FREE when you order our book. 


“But What If I Never Took Birth Control Pills?”

What if you never took birth control pills but still end up getting migraine headaches?  Chances are you have one or more the conditions I noted at the top of the page - including PMS, abnormal periods and the like.


So what’s the connection between those conditions and migraines?  The Women’s Health Institute of Texas believes the link results from exposure to something called “xenoestrogens”. 



Xenoestrogens – A Very Serious Problem


Pronounced “zeeno-estrogens” these are estrogen-like compounds constantly being dumped into our environment.  Artificially produced by chemical waste, animal feed supplements, plastic containers and a veritable host of other man-made products – every day each one of us are continuously exposed to these hormone-like substances.


Too much exposure to estrogen can cause numerous medical abnormalities, manifesting in a myriad of female health problems.  These range from PMS to uterine fibroids to breast cancer.  In many women, one of the conditions becomes migraine headaches.


The problem has gotten so bad that young girls are reaching puberty far earlier than what nature intended. What was once considered a medical abnormality is now the norm. Even men are not immune: Many are actually developing breast tissue as they grow older through constant exposure to these compounds!



A Natural, Safe And Easy Way To Help Mother Nature


There’s now a safe and completely natural way to correct the levels of your naturally occurring hormones – eliminating your migraine headaches for good.


And it's easy too! Because…

  • You don't have to change your diet
  • You don't have to change your lifestyle
  • You don't have to see any doctors
  • You don't have to have any unnecessary surgery
  • You don't have to waste your time with acupuncturists, gurus or bogus herbs
  • And You don't have to take prescription drugs


Do All This Without

 Even Leaving The House


Here's why:


I’m not interested in keeping people drug dependent - or making astronomical profits off their pain and discomfort. The Women's Health Institute of Texas is focused on one thing - and one thing only: Your Health.


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been suffering or if you’ve had one migraine or a hundred. Even a single migraine is one too many.


Going Public


That's why I’m making these findings public - to remove any and all doubt that anyone could possible have about my methods.  Here’s how to get a hold of the secrets to this incredibly successful treatment plan - right now!



So … Where’s The Proof?


Is there any solid, empirical evidence that our natural hormone therapy works?


The answer is a resounding YES!  This treatment has been known and investigated for more than 50 years.


Here are just a few of the important studies and research findings:


  • As early as 1953, the British Medical Journal published Dr. Kathleen Dalton’s first hand account of how her own menstrual migraines were relieved by injections of natural hormones. This same doctor started using this therapy on her own patients, claiming an 83% success rate.


  • Moving up to 1983, in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Penny Budoff cites successful trials of natural hormone therapy dating back to 1964, showing alleviation of multiple symptoms, including migraine headaches.


  • In 2000, The Mayo Clinic announced their usage of a new type of natural hormone by one of their leading endocrinologists- Lorraine Fitzpatrick, M.D.  The conclusions were that natural hormones can improve the quality of life for post-menopausal women, decreasing the risk of endometrial cancers, sleep disorders, hot flashes, anxiety and symptoms of depression. This same study was also published in the Journal of Women’s Health.


  • In the June, 2005 edition of Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Donald Stein, (Emory University School of Medicine) writes that natural hormones “may be a potent neuroprotective agent especially in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and certain neurodegenerative disorders.”   


  • The Annals of the New York Academy of Science in 2005 published a study by Dr. M. Singh stating that ovarian (sex) hormones “can no longer be considered strictly within the confines of reproductive function, and the brain is just as important a target for hormone function.”  He goes on to write: “Indeed, recent evidence supports the neuroprotective potential of [sex hormones] itself.”


  • Dr. Andrew Herzog of the Harvard Medical School’s Neuroendocrine Unit published two articles in the journal, Neurology, describing how natural hormones influence nerve cells in the brain by demonstrating a dramatic reduction (68%) in a condition called  Catamenial Seizures.  These seizures paralleled the time course of migraine headaches during the menstrual cycle so closely, that the seizures are labeled as “menstrual seizures”.


  • Dr. Vincent T. Martin, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, is the  WORLD’S FOREMOST AUTHORITYon the relationship of migraine headaches with sex hormones.


In October of 2005 he wrote that “…migraine headache and epilepsy may show a similar pattern of response to changes in ovarian hormone encountered during the menstrual cycle. …”


  • Dr. Martin further wrote, “Our study also suggests that [ovarian hormones] modulate migraine headache.” Additionally, the doctor indicated: “…the presence of [natural hormones] provided a preventative benefit for migraine headaches.”



  • In 2006, Dr. Martin published in special issues of the medical journal Headache two expansive review articles on ovarian hormones and migraine headaches. Dr Martin wrote:


“Therefore, substantial clinical evidence suggests that changes in ovarian hormones affect migraine headache.”  “…hormonal therapies which minimize fluctuations in ovarian hormones can improve menstrual migraine



Introducing Dr. Andrew Jones’ new e-book -


“The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches -
What the Big Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know”



Inside this book, you'll discover…

  • What's really causing your debilitating migraines and severe headaches
  • How to naturally correct your hormone deficiency and eliminate migraines once and for all
  • The exact step-by-step program Dr. Jones uses to eliminate migraines for good


Best of all, eliminate your migraines permanently - without ever leaving your home or making another doctor's appointment.


What About The Cost?

If you were to come to our clinic, new patient consultation fees would run in excess of $2000.  Other clinics like ours charge up to $4000 – and that’s just for ONE clinical visit.  (Naturally, our accountant would prefer you come in to clinic for a live appointment.)


On the other hand, I want as many people as possible to get their hands on this invaluable information.  It would be a shame (not to mention a disgrace) if only the very wealthy who can afford the visits to our clinic would benefit from this knowledge.  This e-book bridges the gap


If you tried going to your own insurance plan doctor, the co-pay, deductible and costs for prescription medications (that don’t even work) would be many times higher than our publication.   Besides I personally guarantee satisfaction, so you really have nothing to lose.


The fact that you've read this far demonstrates that you’re truly interested in getting rid of your migraines once and for all. You’re “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and are now GOOD AND READY to fight back against those awful headaches.


This book, "The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches - What the Big Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know" is the missing piece of the puzzle.


The solution you've been searching for. To finally eliminate your severe migraines once and for all.



"The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches!”


Summer - 2007 Edition



This 2007 edition is now 118 pages of cutting edge medical information – with the expanded method we now use to CURE migraine headaches!


Get the facts on:


  • The latest, most up to date research on migraine headaches
  • The indispensable mineral supplement every migraine-sufferer should take
  • A revised, refined and expanded success treatment program
  • A Totally New Chapter: How yeast toxins and low thyroid can complicate your migraine treatment!

Just how much would this reveling information be worth to you? Would you pay $399 to be free of migraine pain once and for all? The answer would be: “Gladly!”


Now, what if were even less – let’s say $199? Would you jump at the chance to never again experience another migraine in you life for this small amount? I bet you would.


But if I said you could eliminate the excruciating agony of migraine headaches forever – if I promised you’ll never again have to worry about “when” the next one would rear its ugly head, would you invest just …


Own It Now!


Really! For less than the cost of a single doctor’s visit – would you devote this small amount to completely conquer your migraine headaches?


If you or a loved one ever suffered through a true migraine – there can be only one answer: Yes!






Many of you asked if we could possibly put our breakthrough information in a “hard copy” edition. It would make it easier to read, and a real book sometimes just “feels” better. Well… we’ve listened!


To own this exciting cure, professionally bound and printed in soft cover, just add:



S&H: Please add $6.95


Own The 2007 Edition Soft Cover Book Now!


Not only will you INSTANTLY receive the online e-Book version, but we’ll ship your very own soft cover copy right to your front door as well.


Of course, you can just order the online version if you wish. But no matter what option you choose, you’ll still be getting all our free reports.


SPECIAL OFFER: ORDER BOTH TODAY – and I’ll even personally autograph your soft cover first edition! (And yes, it’ll really be my signature – and not some scribble replicated by machine or a substitution from a paid secretary.)



Step-By-Step Procedure


I explain exactly how any woman can make her migraine headaches disappear, using a step-by-step method restoring the natural balance of sex hormones.


Best of all, I’ll show how you can do this:


  • without seeing another doctor,
  • without leaving your home…
  • and without those expensive and ineffective prescription drugs.


The Treatment Is 100% Natural



Needless to say, the information inside this book is both valuable and rare. And - most importantly, this program works WITH your body - not AGAINST it.


Even better yet, when you order "The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches you’ll receive these two powerful bonus reportsabsolutely free:


(Valued at $50)

What Nobody Told Women About Hormone Replacement Therapy

by Andrew Jones, M.D.



For years, the scientific community raved about the dramatic effects of artificial Hormone Replacement Therapy. However, a shocking report from the Women's Health Initiative now turns the scientific community on its ear.


It seems that Hormone Replacement Therapy wasn’t the fountain of youth after all. Breast cancer cases jumped, heart failure rates increased, and incidences of blood clots and even strokes rose higher after taking these pseudo-hormonal replacements.


However, there is a silver lining.You see, the replacement therapy failed because of the synthetic, chemically altered drugs manufactured by the big pharmaceutical companies were not bio-identical or natural to the body.


They weren’t prescribing the natural hormone– just synthetic chemicals that were mostly similar, but not exactly the same. (Natural substances can’t be patented or sold for obscene profits.) It’s like filling your car with vegetable oil and calling it "gasoline replacement therapy"… you won't go far despite the name.


Safe and Effective Remedies

The Women's Health Institute of Texas prides itself on providing natural relief to a range of female related conditions, not just migraines. From menopause, hot-flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and even osteoporosis - we have years of hands-on experience with all

these medical problems.


If you suffer from any of these symptoms, this next report will be a real eye-opener. Remember what you just read about birth control pills being part of the problem?


This explosive study reveals the truth about “the pill” and why convenience has seemingly trumped sound medical practice. If you or a loved one takes a daily oral contraceptive, you MUST read every word of this special report.


(Valued at $50)

What Nobody Told Women About Birth Control Pills

by Andrew Jones, M.D.



Is it possible that a simple pill, recommended daily by doctors and pharmacists, could actually be poisoning you from the inside out?


In this controversial report, I reveal why many of today's current medical ailments were unheard of 50 years ago… and how they suddenly sprang into existence at the same time the birth control pill gained widespread acceptance and popularity.


All three publications:


  • “The All Natural Cure For Your Migraine Headaches”
  • “What Nobody Told Women About Hormone Replacement Therapy"
  • "What Nobody Told Women About Birth Control Pills"










Have you ever ordered a “leading edge” publication – only to find out in a couple of months new findings have made it somewhat dated?


That Can’t Happen Here!


Medical science never sits still. And neither do we. I plan to keep “The Natural Cure For Your Migraine Headaches!” on the cusp of innovative treatments.


Now, I could do what most people would: Send you an update or so - then charge you again and again for the latest information and procedures. But I’m taking a whole new path…


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“Here's Why I’m Making Everything Available

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The total worth of these three publications and updates can’t be measured. Honestly – how can you calculate the price of never experiencing another migraine?


How much would you give to never again spend days locked in a dark, silent room? Never again tell your family or co-workers that you won't be available "until further notice?" Never again be lost in a sea of abject misery?


Then of course, there’s the financial considerations. The savings you’ll get by avoiding the high costs of anti-depressant prescription pills (a minimum of $75/month), doctor visits ($25-$50 co-pay) and what some "quacks" and charlatans charge for “special treatments” ($500 for 4 sessions).


I wanted to get this information into your hands both at the lowest cost possible. That way is through the incredible power of the internet. No middle men. No advertising firms. No PR experts. No expensive publishing costs. No shipping and handling charges. Just this website, my knowledge – and of course these one of a kind e-books.



Order Dr. Jones's latest book "The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches - What the Big Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know"  today and receive these two bonus reports absolutely free: "What Nobody Told Women About Hormone Replacement Therapy" and "What Nobody Told Women About Birth Control Pills.”


When you order through our website, you’ll immediately receive access to Dr. Jones' book and the two special reports in digital PDF downloads. (Simply called e-books in geek-speak.) These PDF files work on any computer, MAC or PC – and you can even print them out on paper.



You’re Just 5 Minutes Away From Gaining Control



Best of all, you can be reading these books in just a few short moments!


  • "The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches - What the Big Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know"


  • "What Nobody Told Women About Hormone Replacement Therapy"


  • "What Nobody Told Women About Birth Control Pills"


All 3 publications (PLUS YOUR LIFETIME Of FREE UPDATES) now available for instant download!


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What’s Inside This Breakthrough Book?


  • Migraines: What are they? Find out in exacting detail.
  • Why do you get migraines?
  • What are the root causes of this debilitating condition?
  • Hormones: What special role do they play in migraine pain?


Solving The Migraine Problem:

  • Step-By-Step solution in correcting your hormonal imbalances.
  • A very simple, easy to follow “How To” set of instructions.
  • Precisely how much supplemental hormones to take. 
  • How to adjust dosages in special situations.
  • What to do if you get a “breakthrough” migraine.


Specific, Clear Cut information

  • Eliminate your migraines without seeing a doctor
  • Tells you why you won’t need to buy expensive prescription drugs.
  • Very Important - Where to get natural hormones! Quickly, Easily and Cheaply.
  • Why this ALL NATURAL TREATMENT is by far and away the best way to be free of migraine pain once and for all!
  • It’s like having your own private physician speaking to you from the pages of the book - handling every possible scenario (I’ve seen them all!)



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To top it off, your entire investment is protected by our…


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If you are unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, simply email me for a full refund. Even if it’s 10 years or more down the road, I don't ever consider any sale final.


I’m totally confident you're going to be absolutely thrilled with your new life, free of needless torment. You've been there. You've suffered through the week-long migraines. Missed family vacations. And put up with bosses who never really had any sympathy for your condition.


You thought there was no hope. But now you know better. I’m so sure of my  treatment methods work that I’m delighted to pass it on to you through my 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So I urge you to get these books today.



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"The Natural Cure to Your Migraine Headaches -
What the Big Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know"


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A Personal Note From Dr. Jones:


You know … I firmly and totally believe my migraine treatment program is safe, effective and successful. So here’s my guarantee: If after following my advice you don’t feel dramatically better - I'll return your money. One year - five years - ten years from now. It doesn't matter. I promise relief - and I aim to stand by my word.

Thanks so much.

P.S. When was the last time your neurologist or doctor guaranteed results?  Imagine what they’d say if you asked for a written guarantee! After they stopped laughing, you’d be politely shown the door.



The Worst Case Scenario…


Remember, the worst thing that can happen is you’re among the unfortunate few that don’t experience significant and lasting relief. I sincerely hope that’s not the case. But if that’s what happens – you’ve lost nothing. Every penny you paid for these reports will be returned – no hassles, no quibbles, no questions asked.


If you won't make this positive change in your life for your own well-being, then do it for your family. Because more often than not, your loved ones are suffering along right by your side - needlessly.




When All Else Fails


“The Natural Cure To Your Severe Migraine Headaches” has just been updated.


As you’ve read – about 20% of you won’t respond to our treatment. The question then is: Why? In this new edition, I go into exactly why some of you may still be experiencing difficulties, even after following my recommendations to the letter.




Toxins In Your Body


Circulating throughout your body, yeast produces a Pandora’s Box of medical problems, including Dysbiosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Essentially ignored or pooh-poohed by mainstream medicine, yeast infections play a huge role in preventing your body from achieving maximum health.


I fill you in on why yeast infections are so dangerous – and exactly what you can (and should) do to correct these infections.




A Well Hidden Culprit


Severe or “frank” hypothyroidism (low thyroid functioning) is not very common. But even minor decreases in your thyroid levels cause ripple effects throughout your entire body. Again, mainstream doctors tend to ignore depressed thyroid functioning until it progresses to the final stages.


In fact – they may even write you a prescription for anti-depressants – saying  your complaints of fatigue, listlessness, poor sleep and so on are all “just in your head!”


Well, to be blunt about it – those physicians are dead wrong. My new chapter uncovers why optimal thyroid functioning is so important to your health – and how you can get it going back up to speed.


I even talk about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia and how these conditions are many times tied into your severe migraine headaches.




Free Online Tests


Find out where to go on the web for a free online medical test. Simply fill out the quick (and anonymous) questionnaire, tally up your score and see if you might have any one the conditions listed.

It’s all in this newest, Summer of 2007 Edition of “The Natural Cure To Your Migraine Headaches.”



Feeling Better and Getting Your Life Back


But what about the best-case scenario? I know you may be still be a bit skeptical, even with my guarantee. But just imagine the possibilities of life without migraines.


For perhaps the first time in your life - you'll be feeling like yourself again. No more endless hours of mind-numbing agony or gut wrenching nausea. No more visits to doctor after doctor – and throwing money down an endless hole of worthless make-shift treatments.


It's All Within Your Grasp – Right Now!


If you ever wanted to break the shackles of your migraine misery - then this is the time to act.



Order Now - Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!




To your new life without migraines,

Andrew Jones, M.D.
Medical Director
Women's Health Institute of Texas
4610 Sweetwater Blvd., Ste. 120
Sugar Land, TX  77479  USA


P.S.  If Not Now, When? If Not This Program, How?


I understand it’s sometimes difficult to take that first step… even when the reward is so significant.


If you turn your back on this treatment program, what will you do when the next migraine strikes? Deep in your heart you know that next headache is waiting right around the corner.


Will you suffer through it alone in a dark, silent room? Will you reach for another worthless remedy, or perhaps an expensive prescription pill or yet another ineffective aspirin?


Or will you finally take charge of your life and finally experience the relief from migraine pain you’ve always been hoping for?


The choice is yours. Thanks again!


P.P.S.  We’re Proud to Announce… We’ve just been listed on Amazon.com!



Please Note! The free bonus reports and free lifetime updates are exclusively available through this website only and not available on Amazon.com!



- for just $29.97





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